AltaVie + North Star CBD Review

Despite its corporate-sounding name, AltaVie is not a company. Rather, it is a premium recreational cannabis brand owned by Aurora. Based not far from Calgary, they mostly focus on medical strains.

However, as you’ll see, their AltaVie flowers and gel caps are making an impact on legal markets across Canada. In particular, their North Star CBD strain has found many fans.

What can you expect from AltaVie’s flowers and capsules? We’ll share everything we’ve learned in this extensive review.

About AltaVie CBD

AltaVie Premium Cannabis Strains

Aurora Cannabis is positively ancient compared to the rest of Canada’s cannabis industry. It got its start in 2006, intending to supply Canada’s medical cannabis market. However, when the government of Canada moved to legalize recreational cannabis in 2017, they started planning a recreational brand.

AltaVie officially launched in April 2018, six months before legalization day. From day one, they’ve had product on shelves on government-sanctioned cannabis stores in Canada. Since that time, they’ve expanded their offering to five distinct flowers, and two types of capsule.

AltaVie has a token presence on three social media networks – Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. That term is apt, as they have next to no posts on these platforms. They have exactly one post on Instagram (Valentine’s Day promotion posted in early 2019), and zero posts on Twitter or Facebook.

Despite their “empty shell” social accounts, they do offer customers several ways to contact them. In their contact section, they disclose a contact e-mail address (, a toll-free number (1-833-258-2843), and a snail mail address. Hours of operation for their phone hotline is Monday-Friday, 8:30 am-6:00 pm ET.

Does AltaVie CBD Have A Good Reputation?

Overall, AltaVie has an excellent reputation online. While it doesn’t have a Trustpilot page, searching “AltaVie scam” turned up nothing. On Reddit, most had great things to say about Altavie strains. Of all the reviews we read, we only found mild criticism about dryness and price.

Below, we’ll highlight some of the feedback we found.

Review of AltaVie’s Campfire Strain.

In this thread, a couple purchased AltaVie’s Campfire strain. As first-time smokers, they loved the euphoria and chilled-out states that this flower gave them. It also induced a restful sleep, with no ill effects the next morning.

This reviewer loved the lemony taste of Cabaret. However, he only rated the high as being “ok”, as it produced a small “couch-lock” effect. This effect is unusual for a sativa strain, so it may be worth noting when shopping for an AltaVie flower.

Review of AltaVie's North Start CBD.
North Star CBD is AltaVie’s most popular product.

AltaVie’s North Star CBD is this brand’s best-selling flower. This review, found over on, sheds light into why this strain is so popular. It starts with fragrant smoke, which offers hints of grapes and berries. According to the reviewer, it also provides fast relief to those afflicted by anxiety.

What Does Altavie Sell?

AltaVie sells five lines of dried flower. In addition to this, they also offer two lines of soft gel caps derived from two of their strains. We’ll review both product classes below.

Dried Flower

AltaVie sells five different kinds of dried flower. They are as follows:

Airplane Mode

Airplane Mode is an indica-dominant flower. It contains a moderate amount of THC, with 14-16% per flower. Buds are mostly light green, with orange highlights. This product has a variety of terpenes, with Myrcene, Pinene, and Caryophyllene being the most prolific. Users report sedation effects, but it also stimulates the mind as well.


Campfire is a hybrid flower that offers CBD and THC at a ratio of 3:2. According to Altavie, Campfire flowers contain 3.6%-4.6% THC, and 5.8%-7.3% CBD. Buds are light green, with lots of orange and yellow hairs. Smokers will notice intense floral notes when they smoke Campfire.

Myrcene is the most dominant terpene, followed by both Alpha and Beta-Pinene. Users report a calm yet euphoric high, as well as feelings of relaxation and focus. Note: This strain can produce a “couch-lock” effect.

North Star CBD

North Star CBD is a sativa flower that is CBD dominant. North Star contains 0.5%-0.7% THC, and 13.5%-16% CBD. Buds are dark green, with light purple highlights. Smokers will notice significant floral notes when consuming this product.

Dominant terpenes are Myrcene, and Alpha and Beta-Pinene. Users report stress reduction, anti-anxiety effects, feelings of calmness, pain relief and elevated mood.


Harmonic is a sativa flower that is evenly-balanced between THC and CBD. Harmonic contains 8%-10.6% THC, and 8.1%-10.1% CBD. Buds are dark green, with dark orange highlights. Most smokers will pick up earthy tones, like pine, when they smoke this flower.

Dominant terpenes are Myrcene, and Alpha and Beta-Pinene. Users report calmness and pain relief, as well as feelings of happiness and a low-key high.


Cabaret is a sativa flower that is THC-exclusive. Cabaret contains 16.5%-20.3% THC, and 0% CBD. Buds are light green, with bright orange highlights. The smoke from this flower is sweet and floral – in particular, you may notice hints of grapefruit.

Dominant terpenes are Myrcene, Terpinolene, and Beta-Pinene. Users report feelings of intense euphoria and appetite enhancement. According to some budtenders, this flower may have an “aphrodisiac” effect.

Soft Gel Caps

Altavie offers its customers two types of soft gel caps.

North Star CBD Capsules

North CBD capsules are made from the flower of the same name. They sell in 30-pack bottles, with each softgel containing a dose of 20mg of CBD. These capsules are ideal for those who don’t smoke/vape, as they offer smoke-free CBD.

However, effects can take more than an hour to kick in. Just as with the North Star CBD flower, users reported improved mood, anti-anxiety effects, and pain relief.

Harmonic Capsules

Just like the Harmonic flower, Harmonic softgels offer a 1:1 mix of THC and CBD. These capsules are sold in packs of 30, with each one containing approximately 2.5mg of THC and 2-4mg of CBD.

Harmonic gelcaps are the perfect solution for users who wish to avoid smoking. Due to the nature of this delivery method, effects can be delayed for an hour or longer. When they do kick in, though, expect feelings of happiness, calmness, along with pain relief.

Due to the nature of this delivery method, effects can be delayed for an hour or longer. When they do kick in, though, expect feelings of happiness, calmness, along with pain relief.

Where To Buy Altavie CBD Oil

AltaVie products, like North Star CBD, can be found in legally sanctioned stores across Canada. Availability can vary from store-to-store and easy to find from Vancouver to Toronto. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in a brick-and-mortar shop, check online on government-sanctioned online e-stores like the OCS.


AltaVie has a small but critically acclaimed line of flowers and gelcaps. From calming products like North Star CBD, to Campfire, which works well in social situations, AltaVie has a product that may work for you.