Cove Cannabis Review

Cove Cannabis, if we’re judging by their marketing, is one of Canada’s posher cannabis brands. Cove was created by the Cronos Group, a cannabis-focused corporation with operations on five continents.

This firm came into being in 2012. Once the Canadian government made recreational cannabis legal in 2017, the Cronos Group acted quickly, setting up growing operations in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley.

Not long after, they launched Cove Cannabis, a recreational brand that has enjoyed success in Canada’s legal market. As of 2020, they sell dried flower, cannabis oils, and vape extracts. What can consumers expect from Cove?

We’ll get to the heart of the matter in this extensive review.

About Cove CBD

Cove Cannabis Reveiw

Cove Cannabis is one of two recreational cannabis brands owned by the Cronos Group – the other being Spinach. This brand’s CBD and THC products are sold in most government-sanctioned shops across Canada, including the OCS. You can visit their website here.

Five lines of dried flower, cannabis oil, and vape extracts are sold under the Cove Cannabis brand. They are aiming these products at premium customers – a fact reflected by their marketing and price points.

Cove Cannabis maintains a social media presence across two channels – Instagram and Facebook. Cove is active on both networks, posting every 1-2 days.

Their strategy is a curious one, though, as they mix lifestyle posts with motivational platitudes. Very little promotion of their actual products takes place.

There are two ways to contact Cove Cannabis – via phone or e-mail. To call them, dial (833) 420-2683. Alternatively, you can send them a message at

Does Cove CBD Have A Good Reputation?

Generally, Cove Cannabis has a good reputation online. They’ve poured a lot of money and effort into their products, and it shows in how customers perceive them. No negative results showed up when we searched for “cove cannabis scam.” And, on review sites, people have mostly good things to say.

This user was initially disappointed, as their Rest dried flower came in underweight. However, they found the strain to be potent, with great flavour. Also, he loved the couch-lock effect that this indica flower produced.

Another Reddit reviewer posted a thorough review of Rise, a hybrid flower that Cove sells. This user was also shorted by 0.1g – a much bigger deal in this case, as they only bought 1g. However, as they smoked this product, they raved about its mix of sativa and indica effects. The sativa increased their sociability, while the indica gave them an intense body buzz.

That said, some folks do have criticisms of Cove’s products. We’ve already covered the shorting problem that some users have experienced. However, price points are among their biggest gripes. This user inquired about Cove CBD oil, only to have another Redditor suggest a cheaper alternative.

As a brand that marketed as a premium product, this isn’t surprising. For instance, their flowers sell for well over $10/g when there are alternatives that sell for less.

What Does Cove Sell?

Cove sells its popular CBD and five different types of cannabis in three formats – dried flower, oil, and vape extract. We’ll cover each below.

Dried Flower/Pre-rolls

Cove sells five types of dried flower – CBD – Rise, Reflect, Rest and Revive.


Cove’s CBD strain is a hybrid flower. As you would expect, it has very high concentrations of CBD, with insignificant levels of THC. Terpenes include beta-caryophyllene and myrcene, giving this flower a peppery, earthy aroma. Users report that Cove’s CBD strain works well for pain management and relaxation.


Rise is a sativa-dominant flower that contains very high concentrations of THC. This product amounts as high as 25% THC, and 1% CBD. It has green and frosty orange buds and has terpenes like beta-caryophyllene and myrcene. These compounds give this flower a sweet, fruity taste when smoked. Users report elevated mood and giggling fits.


Rise is a hybrid flower that contains very high concentrations of THC. That being said, some budtenders report it has indica-like properties. This flower can have levels as elevated as 25% THC, along with 1% CBD. Reflect flowers have buds that are green and frosty white.

Terpenes include alpha-pinene, myrcene, and beta-caryophyllene. These compounds give Reflect a pine and peppery taste, with earth tones. Users like this strain for socializing and for deep thinking.


Rest is an indica-dominant flower that contains very high concentrations of THC. Levels can be as high as 22% THC in some batches. It also has 1% CBD – not enough to blunt THC’s effects in any meaningful way. Its buds are frosty pink and green.

Dominant terpenes include linalool and limonene, which contribute to its citrusy, vanilla flavour. As its name advertises, Rest is excellent for inducing sleep near bedtime, or for general relaxation.


Revive is a hybrid flower that leans toward sativa characteristics. It contains very high concentrations of THC, with some flowers/pre-rolls containing 22% THC. CBD content is minimal, peaking at 1%. Its buds are frosty green and purple.

Terpenes like humulene and limonene dominate. When smoked, this flower has a minty flavour, with earth tones. Users appreciate this strain for being a “pick-me-up,” with one commenting on its “Mint Girl Scout Cookie” flavour.

Cannabis Oil

Cove Cannabis also sells cannabis oil extracted from the five strains mentioned above. They extract THC/CBD from their flowers using CO2 – this process is 100% ethanol-free.

They use MCT oil as a carrier, which allows for more effective absorption by the body. Cove sells all five of their cannabis oils in 20 ml bottles. Cove recommends that users take no more than 0.25 ml per dose.

Vape Cartridges

Cove also sells vape cartridges based on its cannabis strains. Made of stainless steel, silicone and outfitted with a ceramic heater, it is designed specifically to optimally extract THC from its e-juice.

Where To Get Cove CBD Oil

You can find Cove cannabis products in retailers sanctioned by provincial and territorial governments. In addition to government-run stores like the OCS, Cove Cannabis is available at places like Nova Cannabis (Alberta/Ontario), Fire & Flower (nationwide), and Prairie Cannabis (Saskatchewan).


Cove Cannabis has chosen to position itself as a premium marijuana brand. So far, according to customer reviews, it appears they are succeeding in this mission.

However, if you are on a budget, Cove isn’t your best choice. Countless other brands, like Tweed, offer similar cannabis experience at a cheaper price per gram. If money isn’t a concern, though, you’ll get to enjoy a smoother smoking experience with Cove.