Edison CBD Oil Review – Canada’s #1?

If you’re using CBD products in Canada, you’ve heard of Edison CBD oil. Load its website, and a slick video presentation gives the impression of a sharp, professional, intelligently-run company.

In real life, Edison Cannabis, a subsidiary of Organigram Holdings, has lived up to its own hype. With manufacturing techniques that ensure product integrity, their CBD oil is in a leading position in the Canadian market.

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Below is company information about Edison, products they sell and popular alternatives.

About Edison CBD Oil

Edison Cannabis Co, famous for Edison CBD Oil.

Despite initial appearances, Edison is not the name of the company – it is merely a brand. In reality, Edison CBD Oil is a product line created by its parent company, Organigram Holdings. Organigram bases itself in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.

In the first years of production, Edison CBD oil has succeeded thanks to investments in proper production processes. Departing from the traditional greenhouse model, they have instead opted to grow up, not out. This move saves energy and allows for more plant growth per square metre.

Also, Edison has isolated specific strains in specific rooms. Doing this allows them to customize climates that make for a better plant. Other investments, like using data to produce consistent batches, have helped Edison become a trusted brand.

Edison Cannabis maintains a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Unfortunately, it is little more than an exercise in corporate messaging – there’s nothing eye-catching about them. Most posts on each platform emphasize the same points you’ll find on their website. User engagement is minimal, with only a handful of likes/reacts per post.

Apart from their social media channels, it isn’t clear how to contact Edison. Their site has no visible contact page, and the footers contain no numbers/e-mails/addresses. To be fair, they do have a newsletter sign-up dialog 2/3 down the page. However, that does nothing to help with inbound customer

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Does Edison CBD Oil Have A Good Reputation?

Traditional reputation evaluators, like the Better Business Bureau and Trustpilot, have no entries for Edison Cannabis. However, Lift.co, a trusted source of cannabis reviews, gives Edison a 4/5 on the strength of over 1,600 reviews.

Over on Reddit, reviews are mixed. Last year, scores of complaints emerged about the dryness of packed flowers.

Have been complaints that the packed flower at Edison Cannabis is too dry.

More recently, however, the company has pioneered the creation of humidity packs. Since then, the quality of packed flowers has improved significantly.

Since the introduction of humidity packs, things have improved.

Another issue: The underweighting of containers. This Redditor reported being shorted 0.4g on their 7g purchase. As you read down, though, it appears to be an issue for many Canadian growers.

Claim their order from Edison Cannabis Co was underweight.
User reviews claiming packages have been underweight.

Edison CBD oil appears to be among the strongest options in the OCS store. However, as Redditors point out, prices are on the steep side, and better alternatives exist in the medical market.

Manly claim Edison CBD oil is expensive.
Edison CBD oil is considered expensive compared to alternatives.
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What Does Edison Sell?

Edison Co sells a wide variety of products, including its industry-leading Edison CBD oil. They sell five types of flower – two Sativa dominant, two Indica, and one hybrid. Let’s briefly go into detail on each.

Rio Bravo is a Sativa-dominant flower. Its terpene profile, which includes Terpinolene and Myrcene, gives it notes of pine, lemon, and herb.

La Strada is a Sativa-dominant flower. It boasts terpenes like Caryophyllene, Humulene, and Limonene. Users will notice hints of berry and earth when consuming this plant.

City Lights is a hybrid flower, as it contains a mix of Sativa and Indica properties. Its terpenes include Humulene and Linalool. This flower is pungent, with hints of mango and herb easily detectable.

Lola Montes is an Indica-dominant flower. Guaiol and Bisabolol count among its terpenes. Notes of berry and cherry can be detected when smoking this sweet-tasting plant.


Casablanca is an Indica-dominant flower. Caryophyllene and Limonene are among its most common terpenes. This plant offers a sour yet spicy flavour with earthy undertones.

Then, there are their oils. You’ll find five distinct types of Edison cannabis oil in stores – Sativa, Indica, hybrid, CBD, and 5:5. All come in 25 ml bottles, and use organic sunflower oil as a carrier. Let’s talk about each briefly:

Sativa oil offers an energizing, refreshing, and uplifting experience. The oil contains 10 mg/ml of THC, with negligible CBD.

Indica oil offers a sedate yet euphoric user experience. Ideal for use before bed, thanks to its relaxing properties. This oil contains 10 mg/ml of THC, with effectively no CBD.

Hybrid oil offers a balanced and “clarifying” experience. This oil has 10 mg/ml of THC, with 0 CBD.

CBD oil offers an experience that is calming and restorative. Compared to THC-infused oils, CBD oil has much milder effects. This oil contains negligible THC, with 10 mg/ml of CBD.

5:5 oil offers what Edison describes as their most balanced experience. With 5 mg/ml of THC and CBD, it has collaborative effects you cannot have with THC or CBD-only oils.

Where To Get Edison CBD Oil

Edison products (both flower and CBD oil) are widely available from Halifax to Vancouver. You’ll find Edison CBD oil in government and private stores (where allowed by law). Around since the beginning of legalization in Canada, they are a legacy brand that enjoys good market penetration. As such, you should have no problem finding Edison CBD oil or flower.


Edison Cannabis has responded to the growing pains of legalization with innovation. From superior production techniques to packets that prevent flower drying, they are a solid choice.