Miss Envy CBD Review

Miss Envy Botanicals is a Vancouver-based company that produces a wide range of cannabis products. From Miss Envy CBD oil tinctures to bath bombs, their selection is one of this company’s strengths.

Around since 2013, they have a dedicated fan base. Do their products live up to the online hype? We’ll uncover answers in this comprehensive review.

About Miss Envy CBD Oil

Miss Envy CBD logo.

Miss Envy Botanicals was founded in Vancouver in 2013 to serve the local dispensary industry better. As the MoM scene took off, though, they began to ship their products across Canada.

In the seven years since their launch, Miss Envy has expanded their product lines significantly. You’ll find tinctures, capsules, and CBD isolate. But, they also offer THC bath bombs, CBD chocolate bars, and CBD pet treats, among other things. However, Miss Envy does NOT sell flowers, as promoting smoke-free alternatives is one of their core values.

They claim Buddha Buddah, their THC-infused body cream, to be the #1 selling cannabis topical in the country. Regardless, “Miss Envy CBD” is a top cannabis-related search term in Canada. As such, Miss Envy’s products enjoy considerable popularity among dispensary users.

Miss Envy Botanicals has a social media presence on two platforms – Facebook and Instagram. They are active on Facebook, generally posting two to three times per day. Posts are balanced – product promotion, lifestyle content, informative/humourous posts make for an enjoyable experience.

They are also active on Instagram. Engagement on this platform appears to be higher, and there are some cross-posts from FB, they do offer unique content here.

Apart from engaging on social media, Miss Envy also has a contact page. On it, they offer a contact form, as well as an e-mail address (support@missenvy.ca).

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Does Miss Envy CBD Oil Have A Good Reputation?

Miss Envy mostly enjoys an excellent reputation online. While it is not sold in white-market stores, those in the grey-market dispensary scene rave about it. Reddit is usually a source of uncompromising, withering criticism.

However, a cursory search of the social media site turned up virtually no negative feedback.

A positive review of Miss Envy CBD.
Positive Miss Envy CBD review.

Often, “it just works” is the most valuable endorsement a product can receive. This Redditor took Miss Envy, and it did what it said on the tin.

This Reddit user suffered from a host of problems, from PTSD to substance dependency. From this exchange, it appears Miss Envy CBD oil reliably treats his health issues.

On GreenSociety.ca, a long list of customers sing the praises of Miss Envy CBD. Even the one customer who left a “meh” review admitted that it helped with sleep.

WeedMaps.com appears to be the outlier. On their global review section for Miss Envy, they only scored a 3.5/5 through 29 reviews. Most complaints stemmed from the fact their CBD is hemp-derived (except the Phoenix Tears product). Others made the usual complaints about botched orders and “poor” customer service.

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What Does Miss Envy Sell?

Miss Envy Botanicals sells a wide variety of merchandise through its website. In this review, though, we’ll be focusing on their consumable cannabis products.

Let’s start with their cannabis oils.


Miss Envy sells 20 ml THC oil tinctures in 200mg, 500mg, and 1,000mg concentrations. All three products contain THC extracted via CO2 – as such, they are solvent-free. This oil delivers THC distillate using MCT oil, which minimizes “weedy” aftertaste and increases bioavailability.

Prices range from $29 for 200mg concentrations to $71 for the 1,000mg tincture. New customers should start low and go slow. The higher concentration products pack a punch, even with a 1 ml dose.


Miss Envy sells two ratioed cannabis oils – a 3:1 CBD:THC, and a balanced 1:1 oil. CBD reigns in the effects of THC, blunting its high, but retaining the “entourage” effects of both cannabinoids. Like Miss Envy’s THC and CBD oils, cannabinoids are CO2 extracted, allowing for a solvent-free product. The carrier oil is MCT oil, which decreases aftertaste and increases bioavailability.

Both products currently retail for $51. Users report that the 1:1 oil offers relief from pain, induces sleep, and promotes calmness and relaxation. Some did experience a mild high, though. The 3:1 oil provides the same benefits, but with less chance of experiencing a high (some did report a gentle buzz.)


Miss Envy sells 20 ml CBD oil tinctures in 300mg and 1,000mg concentrations. Miss Envy suspends their CBD isolate in an MCT oil. This carrier increases bioavailability, or the ability of CBD to be absorbed by the body. Miss Envy separates CBD from the base flower using CO2.

As a result, Miss Envy CBD oil is solvent-free, which is consistent with their brand. Miss Envy CBD oil sells for $41 for the 300mg concentration, and $91 for 1,000mg. Users report relief from headaches, pain, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, and other conditions.

CBD Isolate

Miss Envy sells jars of CBD isolate in two sizes – 0.5g and 1g. Their CBD is derived from hemp that is certified organic by the European Union. This label means the origin hemp plants are GMO-free and are free from pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides. According to lab tests, this CBD isolate rates as 99.6% pure.

This product does not contain THC – as such, it does NOT produce the high associated with this cannabinoid. Refrigerate this product after opening, or store where the ambient temperature does not exceed 5 degrees Celsius.

Users report the product has a sweet, cherry-like taste, and relieves stress, anxiety, and pain. They advise mixing it with food, or vaping/dabbing it – start low and go slow.

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CBD Capsules

Miss Envy CBD capsules sell in 30 packs. Each tablet is vegan-friendly and contains 20mg of CBD. Miss Envy separates their CBD from its hemp plants using CO2. As a result, these capsules contain no solvents. Their hemp plants are certified organic by the EU.

As such, they’re GMO-free and contain no pesticides, insecticides, or herbicides. Users report that Miss Envy CBD capsules are effective in managing acute and chronic pain, and for inducing sleep.

Phoenix Tears (Rick Simpson Oil – RSO)

Miss Envy sells three lines of Phoenix Tears, or Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) – CBD-only, THC-only, and a 1:1 blend. Formulated by its namesake to treat their cancer, Miss Envy sells these oils in 1 ml syringes. This is due to extremely high concentrations of THC and/or CBD.

The CBD syringe contains 300mg/gram, the THC syringe has 500-600mg/gram, and the 1:1 blend has 300mg/gram of both cannabinoids. These products promise powerful relief from pain (we’re not qualified to comment on RSO’s more controversial claims).

To avoid taking too high of a dose, start with a rice grain-sized dose. If you tolerate it well, move up.

CBD/THC Topicals

Miss Envy sells a variety of topical products that are infused with CBD, THC, or a combination thereof. These include their Buddha Buddah, a THC-infused body cream that is one of their best-selling products.

They also sell Buddha Bars (THC roll-on salves), CBD bath bombs, and CBD-infused tattoo healing cream.

CBD/THC Edibles

Miss Envy carries several lines of edibles in its web store. Its chocolate bars, which come in CBD-only, THC-only, and 1:1 versions, are the most popular.

Flavours include dark chocolate with salt, mint, espresso, and coconut. Each bar contains 120mg (or a 60/60mg blend) of the indicated cannabinoid, so don’t eat the whole thing at once.

Other edibles include coconut oil (CBD-only and THC-only, 400mg per jar, 20 mg per teaspoon) and olive oil (THC-only, 300mg per bottle, 14.8mg per teaspoon.)

Other CBD/THC Products

Want to introduce THC into your bedroom? Miss Envy sells THC massage oils and THC personal lubricants. Available in scented and unscented varieties, you’ll enjoy the pleasure enhancement and stamina-increasing properties of these products.

Miss Envy also sells CBD pet treats. Most of their lines are geared at dogs, but they do offer one line of CBD cat treats. They also sell a 100 ml tincture of CBD oil for dogs. Dosages are small (2.5mg/ml), so you don’t have to worry about giving your pooch too much.

Where To Get Miss Envy CBD Oil

Sadly, you won’t find Miss Envy CBD or THC products in legal brick-and-mortar stores. Occasionally, they can be found in dispensaries, but ordering direct from Miss Envy is your best bet.


Miss Envy Botanicals makes a wide variety of CBD and THC products that most people enjoy. They have drawn criticism in some quarters, as most CBD products are broad-spectrum rather than full-spectrum.

Despite this, they have a customer base that raves about their products. Here’s hoping their offerings find their way into legal stores, especially now that edibles are permitted for sale in Canada.