Mota CBD Review

As the popularity of CBD has grown so has the variety of way that people are choosing to take it. You can now get Mota CBD as well as other brands in candies, chocolates and honey as well as in the more traditional forms.

One brand that has recently expanded into the CBD market with its wide range of edibles is Mota CBD. We profiled the company to give you an idea of what it’s all about and included some quality alternatives.

About Mota CBD

Review of CBD Mota products.

Based on Vancouver Island, BC, Mota is a company that specializes in cannabis edibles and other cannabis-derived products. While its main focus is the THC market, it has recently come up with its own line of CBD products. The line consists of a range of tinctures, capsules and other miscellaneous items.

Mota has an active presence on Instagram where it has almost 3,000 followers. The account posts regular photos of its products and its striking branding. Posts tend to receive around 100 likes. Mota is absent from other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Contacting customer service can either be done by sending a message through the general inquiries dialog on their contact page. Alternatively, you can use the online support live chat popup on this page. There is no phone number or email address listed in the contact information on the website.

Alternative #1 – CBD Magic

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Does Mota CBD Have a Good Reputation?

Mota CBD doesn’t currently have a business account on the business reputation site Trustpilot. There is little else in the way of reviews on third-party sites available on the internet.

As a result, we decided to check internet message boards for the opinions of customers. Many of the threads we found on Reddit concerned us.

Here, customers are complaining about the taste of the company’s CBD products and its low CBD content.

Alternative #2 – Zen Leafs

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We could not find many positive mentions of Mota anywhere else on Reddit either. Another thread shows a deluge of customers complaining of low product quality (albeit regarding the company’s range of THC products).

Users in this Reddit thread echo the sentiments of the previous threads.

Alternative #3 – CBD2Heal

CBD2Heal Pure CBD Tincture 1000mg (30 ml Bottle) – $79.99CAD

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What Does Mota CBD Sell?

Mota CBD sells a medium-sized range of CBD products. However, we could find no mention of where it sources its plant extract or which extraction method is used. Test results aren’t made available on the website.


CBD TinctureTincture made from grape seed oil, organic hemp seed oil, organic virgin coconut oil, orange oil and stevia extract. 30ml bottles come in strengths of 450mg and 1000mg CBD. Made with organic ingredients. Free of THC.

CBD White Tincture – Made from CBD isolate infused in MTC carrier oil. Lightly flavored with peppermint. Comes in 15ml bottles with 375mg CBD.

CBD Sleep Tincture – Made using CBD isolate (1000mg CBD), organic botanicals and melatonin (150mg). Comes in 15ml bottles.


CBD Capsules – Bottles of 30 capsules. Gelcaps contain cocoa butter infused with CBD (30mg CBD per capsule). Free of THC.

CBD Chocolate – Packets of 65g contain 180mg CBD isolate. Free of THC.

Mota White CBD Clear Sphere – Pineapple-shaped candy containing CBD isolate (100mg CBD/12g)

CBD Honey – 120ml jars of organic honey infused with 80mg CBD.

CBD Cotton Candy – Packs of 32g containing 200mg CBD.


CBD Isolate – 99% pure CBD crystals.

CBD Spray – Made from CBD isolate, coconut oil and peppermint oil. 15ml bottle contains 300mg CBD.

CBD Lip Balm – Made from cocoa butter, coconut oil, grape seed oil, Shea butter and beeswax. Contains CBD 45mg (10g).

Where to Get Mota CBD Products

All products are available for mail-order through the website and via online cannabis sites across Canada. Since it’s a popular brand, you’ll be able to find them at most online CBD stores and online dispensaries.


Despite Mota CBD’s attractive branding, what’s being said by users on social media is concerning. We found numerous negative comments on Reddit that would make consumers think twice before ordering products from the company.

Furthermore, it would have been nice to see more information about product test results and manufacturing processes on the website.