Twisted Extracts CBD Review

The market in CBD edibles has exploded since the cannabinoid was legalized in 2018. For people who don’t like the taste of oils, eating CBD-infused candies provides a pain-free way of taking CBD.

One company that is pioneering CBD edibles in Canada is Twisted Extracts. We decided to take a look at what all the fuss is about…

About Twisted Extracts

Established in 2015, Twisted Extracts is a company that specializes in cannabis-derived edible products. The company has a committed team of cannabis confectioners who aim to produce safe and reliable edibles for recreational and medical use. As well as products designed for the THC market, the company has a range of edibles which contain nothing but CBD.

Twisted Extracts has almost 1,000 followers on Facebook as well as almost 5,000 on Instagram. These accounts regularly post information on CBD and its current promotional campaigns. The company doesn’t have a Twitter account.

You can leave a message via the dialog on the website and customer service will get back to you. Alternatively, you can get in touch via Facebook Messenger. There is no email address or other contact information listed on the Contact Us section of the website.

Does Twisted Extracts Have a Good Reputation?

Since Twisted Extracts doesn’t currently have a Trustpilot or Facebook account, we were forced to look for opinions in other places. We couldn’t find much in the way of review material for its CBD products anywhere except on Reddit.

We were able to find one Reddit user who was impressed with Twisted Extracts edibles (albeit of the THC/CBD variety).

Another thread was also positive about the experience of taking Twisted Extracts gummies, although it isn’t clear whether they’re talking about the CBD or THC variety.

Others on Reddit seemed to have mixed opinions regarding the quantity of active ingredient that are actually present in Twisted Extracts edibles.

What Does Twisted Extracts Sell?

Twisted Extracts sells a range of products containing both CBD and THC. In this review, we’ll only look at its range of CBD products. Its edibles and oil are made using hemp grown by local craft growers.

CBD is extracted using a solvent-based extraction technique. All oil extracts and end products are tested at a laboratory approved by Health Canada. Results are available in the About section of the website.

Jelly Bombs – Jelly Bombs are CBD gummies infused with 80mg of CBD per 17g pack (8mg CBD per Jelly Bomb). Available in Peach and Pineapple flavors.

Cara-Melts – Infused with the same CBD as is found in the Jelly Bombs. Candies contain 80mg of CBD per 22g pack (8mg CBD per Cara-Melt).

CBD Oil – Made from avocado oil infused with either 300mg and 900mg CBD per 30ml dropper bottle.

Where to Get Twisted Extracts CBD Products

You can’t currently buy Twisted Extracts from the official website. Instead, products are distributed by online health suppliers like Reefside Therapeutics, Theralife and others.


Twisted Extract products look good on the surface due to effective marketing and attractive packaging. However, we were slightly taken aback by its use of solvents in its oil extraction process.

Nonetheless, feedback on Twisted Extract looks to be generally good. We’ll certainly consider buying from them the next time we need to stock up on CBD edibles.