Victoria, BC – Shops That Sell CBD Oil

CBD oil is the subject of a lot of discussion in Victoria and the rest of Canada. Truthfully speaking, the legalization of CBD in Canada has made it a hot commodity. No province makes greater strides to become the CBD capital of Canada than British Columbia.

For that reason, many cities around the province offer high-quality CBD with the capital, Victoria, being one them. Because of that, we decided to create the ultimate guide for buying CBD oil in Victoria, BC.

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Where to Find CBD Oil in Victoria, BC

Acquiring CBD oil in Victoria is nothing short of convenient. To help out with your needs, there are plenty of government and privately-run dispensaries, fully licensed to do business with you.

Additionally, most of these offer their services online. This means that you can always order your CBD oil online and have them deliver it to your doorstep. Not as much selection as Vancouver, but still plenty.

where to find CBD oil in Victoria, BC
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The Original Farm

A quick Yelp search on the topic and you’ll land directly in one of The Original Farm’s shops. The business currently has three physical locations, one of Reunion Ave, another on Douglass Street, and the last on Scott Street.

This is quite possibly the highest-rated seller in Victoria, all for the reasons you might think of. They first opened back in 2015 and have provided the community with a very important service. FARM isn’t a government retail dispensary, but they do sell both THC and CBD products. With that said, their selection is quite huge and even described as “superior” by locals.

They have clear policies in place that dictate who can and cannot buy their products. For example, you have to be over the legal usage age of 19 and provide the staff with an ID. We mentioned their superior selection, and we indeed plan on elaborating. For example, they have more than 70 strains of THC and CBD. Their CBD products also include skin cream and edibles.

The Original Farm is open 7 days a week, but all three locations vary with working hours. However, all three operate at least from 10 AM to 6 PM.

BC Cannabis Stores

It’s safe to say that that BC Cannabis Stores have a huge selection of products for you to choose from. Much like The Original Farm, BC Cannabis Stores offer each user the chance to choose from a variety of CBD products.

Since this guide is about CBD, BC Cannabis Stores have a high and a mild CBD collection. There is a variety of products to choose from such as buds, oils, creams, gummies etc. But unlike FARM, this dispensary is government-run. That means that they’re fully licensed, not that FARM isn’t, but their products might be more expensive than privately run dispensaries.

However, BC Cannabis Stores is so popular that they’ve expanded to the online world. That means that not only can you buy from one of their physical locations, you can also order online. Speaking of physical locations, there’s only one in Victoria located on Avenue North, Cranbrook. BC Cannabis Stores works 7 days a week and operates from 10 AM to 9 PM.

Pineapple Express Dispensary

Unlike both FARM and BC Cannabis Stores, Pineapple Express is a much smaller and locally run shop It too provides excellent quality when it comes to high CBD strains. When you do a Google search on Pineapple Express Dispensary, you’ll notice that they have only a single store located on 608 Esquimalt Rd.

If you’re looking for an online store, then don’t bother as they only run their business physically. However, the owners say that’s exactly what makes Pineapple Express Dispensary so great. Since they’re locally owned and smaller than the other big dispensaries in Victoria, it creates a sense of community every time you enter their store.

Their Google and Yelp reviews confirm the positive interactions customers have with the business. Also, what customers love the most about Pineapple Express is the fact that their goal is to educate people on the subject of THC, as well as CBD. Speaking of CBD, they have products ranging from buds to various concentrates. Most are high in CBD, making them an ideal option for those in need.

Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club

Established in 1996, the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club has all of your cannabis and CBD oil needs in one place. The cannabis club is located on 826 Johnson Street in Victoria, BC, and is open Monday to Saturday from 10 AM to 7 PM. On Sundays, working hours start from 11 AM until 6 PM.

The best thing about this VCBC is that they’re yet another dispensary that has a huge selection of products. Their menu includes everything from buds, tinctures, topicals, shower products, flowers, and CBD products.

Since we’re talking about CBD, some of their CBD products include hash capsules, oil, tinctures, ordinary capsules, gummies, isolates, and more. Some of their products are very high in cannabidiol whilst others come in mild dosages. Regardless, the VCBC is a great option for in-site relaxation if you ever find yourself in Victoria, BC.

Trees Island

Trees Island is a very popular cannabis dispensary that has all kinds of THC and CBD products. They have a total of seven dispensaries located in Victoria and Nanaimo, of which 5 are in Victoria. These are located on Yates Street, Cook Street, Alpha Street, Oak Bay, and North Park Street. Working hours start from ~10 AM to ~8 PM.

Trees Island is a huge chain that sells a lot of THC and CBD products. Unfortunately, they don’t do online sales so you’ll have to go to one of their physical locations to get you set up with some CBD products.

Regardless, Trees Island is a valuable member of Victoria’s community since they support more than dozens of charities. One current charity that they support is the Variety – The Children’s Charity, where they donate and work to help children with music therapy.

Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine is a privately owned cannabis dispensary in Victoria that has been licensed by BC to operate. The dispensary is quite new, opening in 2015, but has ever since proudly served the Victoria community. They have only one store located at 778 Fort Street with working hours from 9 AM to 8 PM. The privately-run business has a huge selection of THC and CBD products, ranging from buds to oils, tinctures, pre-rolls, etc.

Their CBD products range from low, medium, and high CBD. Their website is easily accessible and can be a great resource when looking to do business. They do online sales and are very descriptive of their products. Simply select the CBD product you’d wish to buy and you’ll have access to all kinds of information regarding it. They mostly sell pens, buds, pre-rolls, oral spray, and CBD oils.

Clarity Cannabis

With seven locations across BC and two in Victoria, Clarity Cannabis is an excellent option when it comes to buying CBD oil and assorted products. Their Victoria dispensaries are located at 603 George Road and 855 Johnson Street with working hours from 9 AM to 8 PM. Clarity Cannabis sells a wide selection of THC and CBD products.

The best way to buy from Clarity Cannabis is to visit their website, navigate to the desired dispensary, and place an online order. Then, you can pick up your CBD oil, gummies or whatever else in store. Speaking of CBD, most of their products include CBD oils, creams, buds, tinctures, and others.

Very few products are 100% CBD, with most being a combination of THC. If you like full-spectrum CBD oil, you’ll love this shop.

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Ordering Online Is Easy

If you’re hesitant or simply lazy to go to a dispensary, then the online purchasing method might work better in your case. Luckily for you, almost every seller we mentioned above does business online and will get your product delivered to your doorstep.

People love buying CBD online because it’s more convenient and gives you a wider option to choose from. Instead of going to a physical dispensary, why not Google the particular brand and see whether they can meet your needs online?

Is CBD Legal in Victoria?

We’ve talked so much about cannabidiol but we never really mentioned its legal status in the BC capital. The answer to this question is “yes”.

Cannabidiol is legal and anyone above the age of 19 that has an ID can buy any product. The maximum you can legally buy is 30 grams of dried THC or CBD.

Things to Know About Victoria

Located on Vancouver Island, Victoria is the capital of British Columbia. Victoria is known for being quite a green place, with the vast majority of the island being covered in greenery.

Cannabis is popular in Victoria, and there are lots of places to get it from. The ones we mentioned should serve as a good stepping stone to get yourself sorted when in Victoria.

Take the opportunity to enjoy the Victorian parkland and perhaps sign up for some outdoor activities. The city has excellent options for outdoor activities, which makes CBD and other cannabis products extra enjoyable.

First-time visitors to Victoria should read this post as to where to get low, medium, and high CBD products. BC is the country’s largest producer of CBD, and what better place to enjoy it than in the capital itself.

And, for first-time visitors, here is a list of 10 things to do and see if you happened to find yourself in Victoria for the first time

  • Walk along the Inner Harbor waterfront
  • See what the Royal BC Museum has to offer
  • Relax at the Butchart Gardens
  • Breakfast at the historic Fairmount Empress Hotel
  • Sample Victorian architecture by seeing the Craigdarroch Castle
  • See Harley Park National Historic Site and the castle that featured in X-Men
  • Take a trip to Victoria Butterfly Gardens
  • Gross-out at the insectarium at Victoria Bug Zoo
  • Visit Chinatown
  • Hike Mount Work