Calyx Wellness CBD Review

Calyx Wellness isn’t just another company hawking CBD oil in Canada. For founder Danielle Blair, this venture is more of a mission. Several years ago, her partner Max needed emergency surgery to remove a malignant tumour from his brain.

Debilitating headaches marked the aftermath of this procedure. Unable to function, Danielle turned to CBD oil in a desperate bid to relieve her partner’s suffering. Miraculously, his pain mostly went away.

This moment was a transformative one for Danielle. Determined to pay it forward through entrepreneurship, she started Calyx Wellness in 2015. Calyx focuses on creating the finest CBD products from non-GMO hemp. Consequently, they have fewer product lines than other companies, with premium prices to boot.

Do Calyx Wellness’s CBD oil products live up to the hype? Or are you better off spending less? We’ll answer this question and others in this comprehensive review.

About Calyx CBD

As mentioned in the intro, Calyx Wellness opened its doors for the first time in 2015. In addition to selling through hundreds of online retailers, they have two flagship stores in Ontario.

Through these channels, they sell four lines of CBD oil, one line of CBD oral spray, two lines of CBD lotion, and three lines of pet CBD oil. All products sell at a premium compared to competitors. Why? According to Calyx, they’ve sourced their CBD from GMO-free hemp. Also, the design and wording on their site imply their CBD is of a more exceptional grade.

Calyx Wellness claims a social media presence across four channels – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Let’s start with Instagram. On this platform, their engagement game is strong – every day, they offer coupon codes, ask their fans questions, and promote new products.

They also have a substantial presence on Pinterest. While Pinterest posts aren’t dated, they have scores of professional model and product shots. By the looks of it, they update their account regularly.

In contrast, their other two channels are a social media graveyard. For starters, Calyx’s Facebook link is broken. We did manage to find their Facebook page via search, but as of the writing of this review, they have yet to post in 2020 (the last post was Dec 14, 2019.) Their Twitter presence is even worse – no posts since October 2019.

Beyond social media, Calyx Wellness supplies a wealth of contact info through their “Connect” section. In it, they offer a contact form, as well as a customer AND a wholesaler mailing list. They also list the address of their two stores, along with their phone numbers. They are open Monday-Friday from 10 am-7 pm, and Saturday-Sunday 12 pm-5 pm. Calyx is based out of the Toronto area.

Does Calyx CBD Have A Good Reputation?

Despite its professional, upmarket branding, Calyx CBD oil has a mixed reputation online. On one hand, most customer reviews on various online dispensaries are positive.

However, feedback on Reddit is decidedly negative – there, most complain about their excessively high price points. Others have ripped Calyx for their lack of lab reports. One Redditor even questioned the competency of Calyx’s founder.

We encountered one rave review after another on online dispensary sites. On Birch And Fog, this commenter lauded Calyx’s 1,000mg Heal CBD tincture for reliving his back pain and headaches.

Others praised Calyx CBD for helping them sleep, relieving arthritis pain, and the “good sensation” it provided.

We also found a load of enthusiastic five-star reviews on CBD2Go. In this one, Angela chronicles how Calyx’s CBD Heal 1,000mg tincture relieved her brother back pain AND her anxiety. Other customers praised Calyx’s product for helping with PMS, sciatica and tremors.

Users claiming CalyX Wellness is a joke, read here.

However, as we alluded to above, Calyx Wellness has its share of critics. In this post on Reddit, the thread starter slams Calyx CBD for its high prices, and their apparent refusal to release lab reports. They even accuse Danielle Blair of being “full of herself.”

What Does Calyx Sell?

Calyx Wellness carries four lines of CBD oil, three lines of pet CBD oil, two lines of CBD lotion, and one line of CBD oral spray. We’ll talk at length about each below.


Calyx Wellness sells four lines of CBD oil. Each brand is sold in a 30 ml bottle, contains CBD extracted from hemp, and is enveloped in a grapeseed/MCT oil. All products have less than 0.3% THC.


Boost is a CBD tincture that contains 250mg of CBD. This equates to 0.21mg per drop, 4.2mg per half-dropper, and 8.3mg per full dropper (1 ml). Its low dosage is meant for those looking to “boost the mind and body.”


Focus is a CBD tincture that contains 500mg of CBD. This equates to 0.42mg per drop, 8.4mg per half-dropper, and 16.7mg per full dropper (1 ml). Calyx says this CBD oil is its best-seller. They claim that Focus’s mid-range dose helps to keep the “subconscious alert and ready to go.”


Heal is a CBD tincture that contains 1,000mg of CBD. This equates to 0.83mg per drop, 16.7mg per half-dropper, and 33.3mg per full dropper (1 ml). Also a best-seller, this CBD tincture helps to relieve anxiety, stress, and pain. Or, as Calyx puts it, Heal helps you to “feel relief from your day to day struggles.”


Heal+ is a CBD tincture that contains 2,000mg of CBD. This equates to 1.67mg per drop, 33.3mg per half-dropper, and 66.7mg per full dropper (1 ml). This heavy-duty (and at $211.99, expensive) CBD oil is meant to tackle the worst anxiety, stress, and pain experienced by Calyx’s customers.

Pet CBD Oil

Calyx Wellness sells three lines of CBD oil for dogs and other pets – Relief, Nurture, and Max. These product lines differ in their CBD concentration – 250mg, 500mg, and 1,000mg, respectively. Each line comes in a 30 ml bottle and has three different flavours – Unflavoured, Chicken, or Bacon.


Relief is a pet CBD oil tincture that contains 250mg of CBD. This equates to 0.2mg of CBD per drop. As such, Calyx recommends this line for owners of small pets, or for those wanting to be cautious. Customers claim it helps to reduce pet joint pain, leading to increased freedom of movement.


Nurture is a pet CBD oil tincture that contains 500mg of CBD. This equates to 0.4mg of CBD per drop. Calyx recommends this line for owners of pets weighing up to 35 pounds. They also recommend Nurture for small pets experiencing significant pain or anxiety.


Max is a pet CBD oil tincture that contains 1,000mg of CBD. This equates to 0.8mg of CBD per drop. Calyx recommends this line for owners of pets weighing up to 70 pounds. Max is optimal for pets experiencing severe pain or anxiety.

CBD Lotion

Calyx Wellness sells two lines of CBD lotion – Smooth and Smooth+. These two CBD skin creams differ in their cannabidiol concentration – 600mg and 1,200mg, respectively. Each line is infused with essential oils for an “aromatherapy” experience and comes in a 75g jar.


Smooth is a CBD skin cream that contains 600mg of CBD. Applied topically, it provides localized relief from muscle pain and skin conditions like eczema and acne.


Smooth is a CBD skin cream that contains 1,200mg of CBD. Applied topically, this extra-strength CBD topical is suitable for severe pain, inflammation, and skin conditions.

CBD Oral Spray – Calm

Calyx Wellness sells one line of CBD oral spray – Calm. It contains 600mg per 30ml bottle and comes in three flavours – Peppermint, Spearmint, and Lemon Lime. Each spray contains a dose of 6mg of CBD. Users report that it is effective in calming anxiety while on the go.

Where To Get Calyx CBD Oil

At present, Calyx Wellness does not sell its CBD products in government-sanctioned stores. To purchase their CBD tinctures, creams, and sprays, you have three options. The first and most convenient option is to buy direct from their website at

You can also buy Calyx CBD from hundreds of online dispensaries. However, stock levels will vary from store-to-store. Finally, if you live in the Greater Toronto area, you can swing by their two brick-and-mortar shops. One is at 1606 Queen St W, while the other is at 124 Cumberland St in Toronto’s Yorkville neighbourhood.


Calyx Wellness has positioned Calyx CBD as a premium brand in Canada’s CBD market. Some complain about their prices and marketing. However, you can’t deny that, based on glowing reviews, that their products work.

If you are on a budget, there are cheaper options than Calyx. But, if money isn’t an issue and you’re looking for a premium experience, Calyx CBD oil is worth investigating.