CBD Cream Canada – 2023 Online Buyer’s Guide

On your search for CBD products, CBD cream in Canada isn’t usually your first thought. However, it can be applied topically and is also a natural cannabis product.

Combined with ingredients like essential oils, shea butter, beeswax, coconut oil and cocoa butter – topicals such as CBD cream can get you relief faster.

CBD2Heal CBD Cream 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Relief Cream 1000mg

CBD2Heal CBD Balm 1000mg
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Best CBD Cream Canada Products

CBD Creams are salves, ointments, or lotions infused with CBD, a cannabinoid called cannabidiol. These topical CBD products are designed to be applied to sore skin/muscles. This way the cream can be delivered topically to the affected area.

Together with other soothing ingredients, this topical cream can help you find relief from inflammation and other muscle/skin conditions. For best results, we recommend that you buy organic products always.

CBD Cream (Healing Salve)

CBD cream Canada
CBD2HEAL CBD Healing Salve Cream 1000mg
Brief: Contains hemp-derived 99% CBD isolate.
Price: $79.99CAD & Free Shipping
Description: Contains no THC. Paired with ingredients like beeswax and essential oils to promote natural relief from stiff necks, and aching joints. Crafted, manufactured, and packaged in Toronto, Ontario. It has been tested and certified by a third-party lab. For support, reach out to them via their email address on the site.

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Full Spectrum CBD Relief Stick

CBD relief stick Canada
Full Spectrum CBD Relief Stick – 1000mg
Price: $89.99CAD + Free Shipping + 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Brief: Relief stick for easy application, full spectrum from organic hemp.
Description: Similar to the CBD pain cream below, designed to relieve users of aches and pains associated with joints and muscles. To be applied daily and used sparingly for maximum effectiveness and value. This full spectrum CBD stick is from 100% organic hemp. Made and manufactured in Canada. Click “buy now” to add to cart.

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Full Spectrum CBD Relief Cream *NEW*

CBD pain cream in Canada
Full Spectrum CBD Pain Cream – 1000mg (2 oz)
Price: $89.99CAD + Free Shipping
Brief: 1000mg of full spectrum CBD pain cream made from organic hemp.
Description: This CBD pain cream is made to soothe and help joint and muscle soreness. Designed for daily use to provide relief throughout the day. Made from natural ingredients including essential oils and to be used topically throughout the body. One of Canada’s leading full spectrum CBD creams. Recommended to use sparingly for maximum efficiency. Made in Toronto, Ontario and lab tested for quality. Comes with 30 day money back guarantee like all products from CBD Magic.

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CBD Skin Balm

CBD skin balm
CBD2Heal Skin Balm Cream 1000mg
Brief: Made with pure CBD isolate from organic hemp.
Price: $79.99CAD + Free Shipping
Description: Specially designed rich moisturizing formula for relief from dry skin and other irritations. This CBD balm helps skin become healthier, softer and brighter. Made in Toronto, Canada and contains organic beeswax, coconut oil, juniper berry essential oil and more. Third party lab tested with 30 day money back guarantee, add to your cart today.

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Tattoo Aftercare

CBD2HEAL CBD Tattoo Aftercare 250mg
Made with hemp-derived 99% CBD isolate
Price: $39.99CAD & Free Shipping
Description: This cream combines CBD isolate with all-natural ingredients like cocoa butter and green tea to reduce tattoo-related skin inflammation. Apply the CBD cream topically to find relief from sunburns and dry skin as well. Crafted, manufactured, and packaged in Toronto, Ontario. This has been tested and certified by a third-party lab. Each 1 oz container (~30ml) contains 250mg of CBD. For more details, find their email address at their shop.

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How To Order CBD Cream Online In Canada

All products mentioned above ship via Canada Post (Xpresspost). This fast option arrives within two to three business days after the order being shipped.

The products above also contain ingredients that work in synergy with the CBD cream but won’t make you feel high. Don’t hesitate to contact these companies if you have questions or concerns. They have responsive customer service departments, so go ahead and send them an e-mail, they’re used to it.

Creams can be tough to locate if looking in brick-and-mortar stores. Online is a different story with a variety of cream available. Not only are topicals easy to find, the variety is astounding. However, it’s vital that you go with vendors that have a great reputation. Stick with the sellers we promote – they offer lab tests which ensures you’ll get high-quality products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we’ll answer common questions people search for.

Is CBD cream legal in Canada?

Yes. Thanks to the Cannabis Act of 2018, both marijuana and hemp products are completely legal in Canada. For instance, it’s even legal to order CBD creams and topicals online to any city in Canada as long as you’re at least 19 (or 18 in some provinces) and have a Canadian address. 

I’ve never tried using creams – What can I expect?

CBD creams offer a more targeted approach to delivery. It can take a while for CBD oil to get to sore muscles via your circulatory system. Even then, the dose will be spread throughout your body. By applying a cream, it gets this cannabinoid to where you want it in a more concentrated dose.

How much should I apply per application?

Start by applying a small, pea-sized amount of CBD infused cream on the target location. However, if this does not achieve desired results, you can slowly up the dose until you are satisfied. Slow and steady is the approach to take with topicals.

Is it available over the counter?

Yes! Now that CBD is recreationally legal in Canada, it’s not required to have a prescription for accessing CBD cream. Anyone with a government-issued ID proving their age can buy CBD cream over the counter – no prescription needed. 

Can I buy it in Walmart?

As of right now, Walmart does not sell in-store or online. However, you can purchase CBD creams from a long list of online dispensaries or shop in-store at a dispensary location near you.

What’s the difference between CBD cream and hemp cream? 

Generally, CBD is synonymous with hemp. This is because most CBD creams manufactured in Canada are made from organic hemp plants. CBD extracted from hemp is called “broad-spectrum” CBD, which means that it only contains pure CBD and no other intoxicating ingredients (like THC). 

However, if it is labeled as “full-spectrum”, that means that the CBD was extracted from marijuana plants rather than hemp. In this case, there will be trace amounts of THC and other cannabinoids present in the cream, which has a unique set of benefits over creams containing broad-spectrum CBD. 

How long does CBD cream last?

The timeframe for how long it has an effect on the body ranges from 2 to 6 hours. If you’re using a potent cream with a higher concentration of CBD, the effects will last much longer than a low-concentration cream.

Another thing to be aware of is that tolerance can also play a role in how long the effects last. An individual who is new to using it will most likely have a longer reaction to the product compared to someone who has used CBD extensively.


Cannabis and hemp-derived CBD creams offer a quick, easy way to soothe with dry skin and sore muscles. Ointments and lotions are other ways to apply CBD topicals.

However, note that no two people are the same – try out a small dose and see if it works on your search for the right amount. Scale up from there when used to it, until you find a dose that works for you. A high dose to start is not recommended.