Liiv CBD Oil Review

Simple yet effective in its approach, the Liiv CBD Oil website doesn’t waste your time with flashy graphics. Instead, it dives straight into introducing its products. Parent company CannTrust says they developed them from strains descended from strong lineages.

Are they? That’s the question we’ll answer in this comprehensive review.

About Liiv CBD Oil

Liiv CBD Oil logo.

Liiv isn’t the name of a cannabis company – it is a brand created by CannTrust. This firm, which claims “40 years of experience” in pharmaceuticals and healthcare, was formed in 2014. They cultivate Liiv CBD oil, alongside brands Xscape and Synr.g, in a production facility located in the Niagara Region not far from Toronto.

To be clear, Canntrust created Liiv for the recreational market. However, CannTrust focuses primarily on the medical market. They claim to lead the industry in evidence-based research into cannabis, together with partner Apotex. Additionally, they actively produce educational materials aimed at patients and medical practitioners.

On top of this, CannTrust spearheads a “compassionate use” program. This program enhances access to medical cannabis for those of limited financial means.

Liiv Cannabis has a social media presence across three platforms – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Well, at least they had a presence. Up until July 2019, they regularly cross-posted across all three channels. There was a proper mix of corporate messaging, peeks behind-the-scenes, and attempts at engagement. However, it all stopped mysteriously after that date – no posts since.

Liiv Review by the Budtender.

What about contact opportunities? Liiv offers an e-mail address – – at the bottom of the page. Given that Liiv appears to have abandoned their social platforms, we recommend using this channel. It’s also worth noting that Liiv also has a newsletter sign-up. However, this communication method is only a one-way channel, so it’s not useful for those looking to reach out.

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Does Liiv Have A Good Reputation?

At the time of publishing, LiiV does enjoy relatively good reviews., a cannabis review site, is home to hundreds of them. Of the Liiv products featured, Yin & Yang (indica hybrid) and Kinky Kush (indica), two have the most feedback.

With over a hundred reviews each, these products boast significant sample sizes. Reviewers graded Yin & Yang and Kinky Kush 4.5/5 and 4/5, respectively. In the comment section, users praised the “strong body buzz” provided by the product Yin & Yang. Meanwhile, Kinky Kush gained accolades for its exceptionally high THC content and its excellent price point.

Liiv CBD oil, while it only has 14 reviews on, is similarly praised. Rated 4/5, customers say it has relieved migraines, back pain, and even cat anxiety. Users report very little “cannabis taste” in this product.

What do Redditors have to say about Liiv products? Feedback is mostly positive.

A CBD Oil review of Liiv on the OCS subreddit on Reddit

In this review, the thread starter lauds the Easy Cheese Liiv Hybrid Sativa strain. It provides a fabulous head buzz while promoting creativity and socializing – all at a GREAT price. At $7.85/gram, it’s one of the best legal cannabis products at the moment.

A user talks about their disappointment with Liiv.

It isn’t all rave reviews about their product across the board, though. According to this customer, the Liiv 1:1 capsules didn’t produce the enlightening high they expected. Instead, it turned into what should have been a pleasant evening into one of uncomfortable introspection.

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What Does Liiv Sell?

Liiv sells a significant selection of flowers, cannabis oils, and capsules. While they don’t currently stock edibles, they have plans to do so, per their FAQ section.

Below, we’ll do a brief rundown of the products that Liiv sells.

Buddha Haze is a sativa-dominant flower. This strain is THC-heavy, with 16-24% THC, compared to <1% CBD. Smokers will taste herbal and fruity flavours as they consume this product.

Easy Cheesy is a sativa-dominant flower. This product is THC-heavy, with approximately 20% THC, and less than 1% CBD. Smokers will taste old cheddar flavours as they consume this product (hence the name.) On the way down, you may also notice floral and pine notes.

Bali Kush is an indica-dominant flower. This strain is THC-heavy, with approximately 22% THC, and under 1% CBD. Smokers will taste a variety of earthy tones. As you inhale, watch for notes of herb, spices, and hops.

Yin & Yang is an indica-dominant flower. This strain is balanced between THC and CBD, with 6-10% THC, and 9-13% CBD. This strain announces itself with a pungent, woody aroma. As you smoke, you’ll taste hints of pepper, coffee, pine, and sweet herbs.

Clarity Coast is a hybrid flower. This product is CBD-heavy, with less than 1% THC, and 18-22% CBD. Best suited for those looking to avoid the “high” of THC, its smoke carries hints of citrus, cedar, and apple.

Kinky Kush is an indica-dominant flower. This strain is very THC-heavy, with 27% THC, and less than 1% CBD. Its concentration of THC is among the highest on the market, making it a must-experience for recreational smokers. As you smoke, you’ll notice notes of pine and lilac while inhaling.

Liiv carries three oil lines

THC oil is a cannabis oil product containing heavy concentrations of THC. It boasts 25 mg/ml – this adds up to 1,000 mg per 40 ml bottle and 500 mg per 20 ml bottle.

1:1 oil is a cannabis oil that contains an even balance of CBD and THC. Each bottle has 12.5 mg/ml of CBD and THC – that adds up to 500 mg of each cannabinoid per 40 ml bottle, and 250 mg per 20 ml bottle.

CBD oil is a cannabis oil that contains heavy concentrations of CBD. It boasts 25 mg/ml – this adds up to 1,000 mg per 40 ml bottle and 500 mg per 20 ml bottle.

Liiv also carries three lines of capsules

THC capsules contain cannabis oil with heavy concentrations of THC. Each capsule, whose shell is vegan-friendly, contains 10 mg of THC.

1:1 capsules contain cannabis oil with an even balance of THC and CBD. Each capsule, whose shell is vegan-friendly, each boast 5 mg of THC and CBD, respectively.

CBD capsules contain cannabis oil with heavy concentrations of CBD. Each capsule, whose shell is vegan-friendly, contains 10 mg of CBD.

Where To Get Liiv CBD Oil

You can find all of Liiv’s products (flowers, oils, and capsules) across the country (Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary) in sanctioned retail and online marketplaces. Liiv CBD oil has achieved significant market penetration since its launch.

While periodic product shortages have occurred in the past, supply shortages have resolved themselves. As such, finding Liiv products in 2020 should be far easier than in the past.


Liiv recreational cannabis products enjoy considerable popularity among Canadian consumers. From its high-THC strain Kinky Kush to their edibles, there is much to like about Liiv.