CBD Magic Review + 20% Coupon Code

The legality of CBD in Canada has opened the door for many entrepreneurs to start their very own CBD-related businesses. This CBD Magic review will introduce you to a solid Canadian company, a subsidiary of Zen Leafs Ltd.

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And much like their parent company, CBD Magic has a high quality website that meets customers’ demands and needs. But we’re not here to judge the design of their website, we’re here to discuss their CBD products.

Because of that, we will be bringing forth to you a complete review of CBD Magic that includes history, products, reviews, and ratings.

About CBD Magic

The words “premium products” and “fast delivery & shipping” are what make CBD Magic so great. With a combined total experience of over 40 years in making CBD products, the company ensures quality through professional practices.

The most impressive thing about CBD Magic is its facilities and laboratories where they extract, distill, purify, and crystalize hemp into CBD. All of their hemp is 100% organic and naturally-grown, making it fully compliant with GMP Canada and the rest of the hemp and cannabis regulating bodies.

With a presence of Instagram and LinkedIn, CBD Magic help breach the traditional barriers between customer and company, while also maintaining professionalism across the board.

Their office in Toronto at 30 Via Renzo Dr., serves as the main operations hub that manufactures and distributes across the entire country.

Online Reputation and Reviews

CBD Magic doesn’t have a Twitter nor Facebook presence. Even with that, they have mostly positive reviews. Anyone shopping on their website can leave a review. One user left some feedback on Reddit, you can read that here.

CBD Magic user reviews

Their online reputation is also very positive and customer satisfaction is constantly high. When it comes to what customers say about their products, a few things can be singled out. Some praise the strong effect of their products, while others praise the quality.

CBD Magic Products and Services

Now onto the fun part of our review; the products and services.

Naturally, we can see that the purpose of CBD Magic is help users find relief. And if we dwell deeper into the product categories, we are met with terms such as “full-spectrum CBD”, “water-soluble CBD”, and “pure CBD isolates”.

Throughout the five categories on their website, we numbered more than 200 products. Their CBD products include tinctures, oils, edibles, vaporizers, capsules, isolates, and even skincare products.

You really have to see for yourself just to see how much they have in store for their customers. Let’s explain some of their products.

  • Full Spectrum Oils

With many products on display, CBD Magic’s full spectrum oils are very powerful and of the highest possible quality. From 30 ml tincture bottles to 600 mg gel capsules, they provide numerous ways for you to consume full-spectrum CBD.

  • CBD Isolates

Their CBD isolates section might include only two products, but that’s more than enough to satisfy your needs for 100% pure CBD.

  • Hemp Capsules

Their hemp capsule selection is also fairly limited but more than capable of delivering the wellness effects that CBD offers.

  • Edibles

Their edibles are so popular that they frequently go out of stock! Created by parent company Zen Leafs, their catalog of hemp capsules includes gummies for pain and sleep aid.

  • Skincare Products

An alternative way of consuming CBD is to simply rub it on your skin. Created for the purpose of skincare and wellness, CBD Magic’s skincare products are some of the best on the Canadian market. They range from 1000 mg healing salves to anti-aging face cream.

How To Get CBD Magic’s Products?

With a brilliant eCommerce website that ships and delivers for free all across Canada, buying from CBD Magic is nothing short of convenient.

You’ll see a huge disclaimer on their website about the current situation, stating that they cannot guarantee delivery times as of this time. That’s nothing wrong on their end, but it’s our reality none the less. Regardless, you’ll get your CBD delivered anywhere between two to eight days.

CBD Magic also has a policy where they’ll do their best to conceal the products and ensure they’re discretely delivered. Seeing as not everyone supports the usage of CBD, this is something that more brands could try to do.

As for the payment methods, they support both Visa and MasterCard and also support E-Transfers. Placing an order is easy and they’ll guide you throughout the buying process.

They even have a live chat where you can get in touch with them and ask them any questions you might have. You can also call them at 1 (844) 522-4223 (LAB4CBD).


If this is your first time trying CBD, then it should be from a reliable and reputable Canadian seller. You don’t want to be buying CBD made in a foreign country and instead, look for organically and homegrown.

That’s exactly what you get with CBD Magic, and the reviews and ratings definitely show for it. Lastly, if you ever needed to know more about CBD, their “Articles” section is an excellent source for information on all things CBD-related.