CBD Wholesale Canada + Money Back Guarantee

If you’re looking for risk-free CBD wholesale in Canada, you’ve come to the right place. CBD oil and other CBD products have taken Canada by storm. Want to sell a proven brand or start your own with private / white label?

Whatever you have in mind, we have the wholesale CBD products you’ll need to get your shop up and running. Of course bulk CBD isolate is the most popular but you can buy everything in large quantities.

Why Buy CBD Wholesale?

Do you own a retail store? Do you run an online dispensary an thinking of offering CBD products? Are you thinking of starting your own white label CBD brand? These are all reasons for needing high quality CBD wholesale in Canada.

Its ‘a simple equation when it comes to reselling CBD in Canada. To do well, you need affordable CBD products. To sell CBD profitably, you need to buy CBD at wholesale prices.

3 Ways to Buy Wholesale CBD in Canada

There are 3 main ways you can take advantage of CBD wholesale Canada.

Resell an Existing CBD Brand *Risk-Free*

This involves buying CBD products in a pre-existing brand and reselling for a profit. CBD Magic is a leading Canadian CBD company that also creates two other brands. These brands are CBD Magic, CBD2Heal and Zen Leafs.

CBD Magic is predominantly full-spectrum CBD oil products while CBD2Heal handles the pure CBD products. Zen Leafs is only gummies and it has three different types.

Wholesale CBD products available by these three companies include: tinctures, isolate, capsules, creams, gummies, vapes and products for pets.

Selling existing products is the easiest way to get involved in the Canadian CBD industry. Visit their website, sign up as a wholesale customer and download their catalog with all their deeply discounted rates.

To get started, you need to buy a minimum of $1,600CAD worth of CBD products. This gets you wholesale pricing which can’t be beat. They are so confident in their product, they also offer a 90 day risk free trial.

Buy any wholesale CBD products up to $5,000CAD and if you don’t sell them in the first 90 days, you can return them for a full refund. Of course the products must be in original condition and not tampered with. This is a great opportunity to enter the market risk free.

White Label CBD Products

Start your own line of CBD oil – order one or several white label CBD oil products. The minimum order is $1000CAD, and you will be sent your CBD products without pre-printed labels. If you choose to go this way, remember that you are responsible for creating packaging/labelling.

This is ideal for people looking to take advantage of wholesale pricing on CBD products with no brand attached. Custom product services are available so if you’d like a special formulation, it’s possible.

Private Label CBD Products

Want to do more than slap your logo on a generic CBD oil product? Looking to start your own CBD company in Canada and need a reliable producer?

With private label CBD products you can design a CBD oil line that stands apart from the competition. If you go this route, the minimum order is only $1,000CAD similar to white label also.

Third-Party Lab Tests

CBD Magic has third-party test results for all their products. On their website you can find reports or each product.

Third-party lab tests are crucial – without them, how could we trust the claims our manufacturers make? Only buy wholesale CBD that has been lab-tested, it only make sense.

Closing thoughts on CBD Wholesale in Canada

Everything is in place for you to take advantage of the wholesale CBD market in Canada. Whether you resell successful existing brands or create your own, it’s a simple process.

We promote their products across this website for a reason. The product quality is high, the pricing is fair and the customer service is incredible. To get started, click here and sign up.